My top 5 corona tips…

After 3 years of silence I’m now back on the blogging platform! Last few months have been quite transforming and I’ve found myself feeling drawn to start sharing again. Ive had kind of a love/hate relationship to social media and have taken a few longer breaks from instagram to disconnect. The hate coming from the addictive behaviour I tend to fall into, hours of meaningless scrolling, can anyone relate?:) So Im now determined to have a more sober behaviour and limit my scroll-time. Lets see how that goes:)

Im now starting to feel fully recovered after Corona. Been back to the bikramyoga studio and slowly getting back into shape. First few classes I felt quite weak having to skip some of the poses and just sit and breathe. Im now back to my regular 3-4 classes a week. Was sick for 3 weeks, one week in hospital, five nights with oxygen, intravenous antibiotics and one blood transfusion. My oxygen level dropped down to 87% at the lowest. Normal is anything between 95%-100%, lower than 80% is dangerous for the vital organs. The antibiotics was to prevent an infection in the lung. My right lung is completely damaged from radiation, bacteria easily gets stuck in the scartissue and can then cause an infection, pneumonia. Any kind of flue or winter virus can therefor be very dangerous for me. When I get sick I tend to feel a lot of fear so my main focus lays in calming the sympathetic nervous system(fight or flight response) and activating the parasympathetic nervous system(the rest and digest system) so my body can focus on healing and not get caught up in stress, fear and panic. Here are some of the things I do to activate my parasympathetic nervous system and relax:

1: Relaxator: this is a breathing retrainer where you inhale and exhale with desired resistance. This calms and slows down the breathing cycle. Takes breath deeper down to lower part of lung. When used regularly increases oxygen uptake. I use this on a daily basis 1/2-1 hour a day. When I had my first symptoms of covid19 I started using it 3-5 hours daily. I like to use when I’m watching a movie or reading. Can also recommend using it on walks. More info and where you can buy one:

2: Shakti mat: My beloved acupressure mat. I absolutely love this and use it 1-2 times a day, 20-30 min. Before sleep or for siesta relaxation. This helps me go into deep relaxation and releases tensions. My body melts when I lay on it. More info:

3: Sleeptape: I am addicted to this! I tried this the first time over a year ago and haven’t slept a night without it since. This is to prevent mouthbreathing at night. Nosebreathing is good for so many things. Slows down breathing rhythm and works like a filter for bacteria and viruses. Warms up the air to body temperature before it reaches the lungs. Goodbye to waking up with dry mouth!! Great for dental care as saliva helps protect the teeth from cavities. Keeping my throat moist also helped decrease my coughing during corona. I had very little coughing. Increased energy, better sleep and even said to improve your sex life!!! I use surgery tape that you can find at the pharmacy. More info:

4: Listening to relaxing music such as mantras or gong bath or any kind of slow soothing music. Can recommend Snatnam Kauer’s album “Liberations Door” and Ajeet “Hasseya”. I didn’t watch any news or Facebook feed to avoid any fearful information on corona. Only talked to friends that I know would uplift me, not speaking to anyone who could ignite the “victim” in me:) Its easy when feeling low to fall down the spiral of self pity. I have amazing friends and family that see clearly when I’m headed down, immediately help me snap out of it and lift me up.

5: Create a “help-group”: I created a messenger group with 10 of my amazing angel friends. I believe it’s important to support the body with nutritious healthy foods to assist in the healing so I asked my friends if they could help deliver fresh juices and healthy foods whilst I was in hospital. They all took turns and made sure I had my daily supplies. Incredibly grateful to have such beautiful friends. I know asking for help can be very difficult and I also struggled with this the first years of being sick. I believe its a big part of our healing to let go of this fear of being a burden and let others care for us. Many people also fear to ask if someone needs help for the same reason of not wanting to be a burden so when someone reaches out this also gives them an opportunity to give. And giving is living:)

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